Aftercare Instructions


It is important to remember that the microblading technique opens the skin and therefore, by caring for your skin, you will avoid unwanted infection. Aftercare instructions may vary depending on your artist and the specific procedure, but generally, these tips will help your eyebrows heal to optimal peering performance. Immediately after the procedure, you must clean your brows and moisten with distilled water to wipe any built up lymphatic liquids. Healing balm is applied daily in the morning and in the evening for five to seven days. During the first two weeks of healing, avoid emerging your face and brows in water and when showering, avoid direct water contact with your eyes and eyebrows. Avoid eyebrow pencils and makeup over the brows, during healing period and stay clear of swimming, tanning, pools and saunas, and facial scrubs and peels. You invested in the best brows, so make sure you care for them accordingly by following your microblading artist’s aftercare instructions carefully.