Length Of Time It takes

Length of time it takes

You might be surprised to find out that choosing the color and shape of your brow can be a lengthy part of your first microblading session. The process can be time consuming because it is important to map out and pencil in your eyebrows (yes, there are calculations involved!) with your technician prior to penning in your semi-permanent eyebrows. Be patient and take as much time as you need for this part of the treatment. You will be the one sporting these eyebrows, so you want to ensure you absolutely love the look of them. The aim of the procedure is to beautifully compliment your facial expressions, and highlight your structure and features. Before beginning the blading process, examine your face in the mirror from multiple angles. Have your technician take a photo of you from head-on and from the side so you can fully see what your eyebrows will look like.