Will It Fade

Will it fade

Sometimes good things don’t last and unfortunately, as amazing as your divinely defined brows look, over time, they too will fade. This is a natural part of the microblading process, which lasts approximately one to three years. The life line of your brows depends on many different factors including your skin type, age, the colour retention of your skin, how thoroughly you follow your aftercare instructions and your usual skincare routine. If you spend a lot of time in ultraviolet rays and tanning booth beds, your eyebrows will naturally fade much quicker than someone with zero exposure. Certain acids found in skincare products can also cause your bladed brows to fade more quickly. While fading is inevitable, remember, it’s not a permanent process. By routinely caring for your skin and adhering to intermittent touch ups, you can maintain your perfect preferred shape. Touch-ups are recommended every six to 18 months for best results.